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HotShop Silverado & NW Spin Teacher Auditions!

 Do you think you have what it takes to be a HotShop Spin teacher? HotShop is holding open auditions this weekend (Oct 18 & 19) and next weekend (Oct 25 & 26). Auditions are for teaching positions at BOTH the Silverado and new NW-University studios.  Successful auditions will be invited to join our upcoming spin training group! Auditions are open to anyone regardless of experience, but we strongly suggest that you are an avid HotShop spinner who practices regularly and is in...


Victoria Park - Hot Yoga
132 13th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2R 0V2


Silverado - Hot Yoga & Spin 
#918, 19369 Sheriff King Street SW
Calgary, AB
T2X 0T9